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Martyr Dr.Mostafa Chamran Savehe life-style.

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I wondered how many doctors there were and how they had enough time to visit all the kids. Not a new lifestyle 34 I “ 'm the harrowing moan of broken-hearted orphans who awaken from extreme hunger at midnight, and any kind hand does not caress them. They are afraid of darkness and loneliness. ” For those who thirst for humanity 35 I was the second one who caught him alone. He was walking alone without a weapon. ” He did not say anything. ” I could not kill him, if everyone else were me as he was attracted to him.

He said, “If it is possible to put an air cooler in each trench,put the last one in my room. ” Not a new lifestyle 56 I “ t is pre-ordained that truth and falsehood fight with each other forever and that perfection is attained through fighting. People become mature and experienced during hardships and difficulties. Comfort, convenience and success always cause weakness, feebleness and backwardness. ” For those who thirst for humanity 57 He was standing under a tree. It was reported that the enemy was to attack at night.

He did not show any reaction. Later he told me, “If I become emotional during the war, all things will become tangled. ” For those who thirst for humanity 51 A “ t midnight, I like to pray to God in the mysterious silence between the sky and the Earth. I whisper to the stars, and I listen to the unspeakable secrets of the sky. I climb into the depths of galaxies slowly, and I disappear in the infinite universe. ” Not a new lifestyle 52 When someone shook hands with the doctor while staying one step back, everyone understood it was the first time that he had met the doctor.

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