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By Jonathan Harris, Timothy Venning

This ebook presents a whole chronology of the Byzantine Empire to the autumn of Constantinople on may well 28, 1453. The occasions indexed are typically political and armed forces with a few cultural historical past. every year occupies round one web page of the text.
Timothy Venning is a contract researcher. Jonathan Harris is Senior Lecturer in Byzantine historical past at Royal Holloway, collage of London.

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Battle of Adrianople: Roman cavalry reaches Gothic baggage-train but is cut off, and main infantry is surrounded and destroyed in hours of assaults; Valens missing, accepted as killed, aged c. 51. Goths’ siege of Adrianople fails. News of disaster reaches West; Gratian leads army to Sirmium to gain control of East, and recalls Bishops exiled by Valens. Goths ravage Thrace, but are defeated attacking Perinthus and Scythian cavalry drive them back from near Constantinople; Eastern generals Victor and Richomer join Gratian at Sirmium to launch campaign while ‘Master of Soldiers’ in East, Julius, orders massacre of all Gothic settlers and families so they cannot aid Fritigern.

285 c. 1 April Numerian’s elder brother Carinus, co-emperor in West, killed in battle at Margus, Illyria – Diocletian unchallenged. Diocletian appoints fellow-Danubian officer (Marcus Aurelius Valerius) Maximian as ‘Caesar’. 286 Maximian co-emperor, and centres his activities in the West while Diocletian concentrates on East – based at Nicomedia near the Bosphorus (and future site of Constantinople). c. 289 Constantius becomes Maximian’s stepson-in-law? and Praetorian Praefect, divorcing Helena.

Church council at Constantinople, centring on 18 February dedication of Hagia Sophia; new creed issued that ‘the son is like the Father’, taking Arian line, and despite the broad nature of statement in deliberate ambibuity orthodox Bishops resist and depositions follow. February Gallic troops at Paris refuse Constantius’ order to march East and declare Julian Emperor at parade; he accepts and secures control of Gaul and Rhine. Julian sends envoys Pentaclius and Eutherius to Constantius to assure his peaceful intentions, but prepares for campaign and November holds ‘quinquennial’ Games at Vienne on Rhône.

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