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The first step represents the isolation of the metaphor in the otherwise literal frame, in this instance sleep was singled out. The second step involves in the creation of a metaphorical idea deduced from the first step, namely that crimson petals sleeps. The third step involves the comparison of similarities between the target and source domain, in our example the activity of the petals and the sleeping of an entity respectively. The fourth step is a natural offshoot and corollary of the third step.

This makes for seeing close similarities between vision and hearing, even at an early age (Seitz, 1998). Of course, not all metaphor involves cross-modal comparisons; but it is argued that the mind’s capacity for forming such linkages is closely related to our tendency to express ourselves metaphorically. Finally, the cognitive view, otherwise known as the symbol systems view, provides the latest and perhaps the most apt exposition of metaphor (Seitz, 1998). According to this viewpoint, a symbol system involves transfer of metaphorical meaning.

In their study, the two concluded that humans’ facility to express themselves metaphorically and to automatically understand the very same metaphorical expressions is intrinsic. Furthermore this facility is mastered in the course of their daily interaction with the world and with one another. 19 Views on Metaphor: From Aristotle to Lakoff Despite the progress of time and further research in the field, metaphors are still looked upon as quite distinct from everyday language. Many still relegate them to the sidelines of literary expression (Seitz, 1998; Katz & Mio, 1996).

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