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By Carolyn Abbate, Roger Parker

Opera is in lots of methods the main striking creative medium of the final 400 years. Prohibitively dear and patently unrealistic, it could however paint the human passions with mind-blowing energy and drama.

This ebook, the 1st new, full-length, single-volume background of opera for greater than a new release provokes in-depth discussions of many works by way of the best opera composers, from Monteverdi, Handel and Mozart, to Verdi and Wagner, to Strauss, Puccini, Berg, and Britten. There are vigorous discussions of opera's social, political and literary history, its monetary cicumstances and the virtually continuous polemics that experience observed its improvement throughout the centuries.

Central to the publication is an exploration of the tensions that experience continuously sustained and enlivened opera. Abbate and Parker study the issues that opera has confronted within the final part century, while new works - that have been as soon as opera's life-blood - have reduced in size to a tiny minority, have mostly didn't discover a everlasting position within the repertoire.

Yet the book's ultimate message is one in all get together. no matter if the vast majority of opera's most well liked and enduring works have been written in what's now a distant ecu previous, in situations very assorted from our personal, and the viability of up to date opera is ever extra in query, opera as an paintings shape is still terribly buoyant and hard. It keeps to rework humans bodily, emotionally, and intellectually, and to articulate human adventure in methods no different paintings shape can fit.

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