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By Chris Harman

Chris Harman describes the form and process human historical past as a story of standard humans forming and re-forming advanced societies in pursuit of universal human targets. Interacting with the forces of technological switch in addition to the influence of robust members and innovative principles, those societies have engendered occasions time-honored to each schoolchild—from the empires of antiquity to the area wars of the 20 th century.

In a bravura end, Chris Harman exposes the reductive complacency of up to date capitalism, and asks, in a global riven as by no means prior to by way of ache and inequality, why we think that it can—or should—survive for much longer. bold, provocative and invigorating, A People’s background of the World offers an important corrective to standard historical past, in addition to a strong feel of the deep currents of humanity which surge underneath the foam of presidency.

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