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Puritan educators like Dr. ” W hen the diarist John Evelyn visited W ilkins at Oxford on July 13, 1654, he was intrigued by a great variety of machines built with W ilkins’ mathematical magic. “He [W ilkins] had also contrived an hollow Statue which gave a Voice, & uttered words, by a long & conceald pipe which went to its mouth, whilst one spake thro it, at a good distance, & which at first was very Surprizing: He had above in his Gallery & Lodgings variety of Shadows, Dyals, Perspe(c)tives, places to introduce the Species, & many other artif(i)cial, mathematical.

The inner visual imagination is alive and the secret language of number can take possession. The sudden bursting forth of Newton’s phenomenal inventiveness in the annus mirabilis may have had a long preparation originating in the vivid fantasy world of childhood when he was cut off for long intervals from the interplay of more overt and ordinary relations. The language of this secret world remained vital within him even after he learned to communicate with his fellows more freely in their terms and perhaps he had easier access than most men to un­ conscious processes that symbolize, condense, and displace.

Vincent’s portrait of the boy Isaac is the only intimate one that has survived for posterity. him attending the tillage, grazing, and the like. And they tell us that he She says Sir Isaac was always a sober, silent, thinking lad, and was never frequently came on Saturdays to Grantham market, with corn and other commodities to sell, and to carry home what necessaries were proper to be known scarce to play with the boys abroad, at their silly amusements; but would rather chose to be at home, even among the girls, and would frequently bought at a market town for a family; but being young, his mother usually make little tables, cupboards, and other utensils for her and her playfellows, sent a trusty old servant along with him, to put him into the way of business.

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