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By Chester Gillis

An try to problem John Hick's concept of salvation which examines the biblical language of fantasy and metaphor. Hick keeps that the Christian interpretation of salvation within which Christ is known because the particular and ultimate revelation of God is inaccurate.

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Theologies - in the widest sense of that word - have a given basis. They are efforts at intelligibility of a given religious tradition and generally within that tradition itself (fides quaerens intellectum). But here we do not have such a belief or such a basis. There is neither a common given nor an accepted basis, revelation, event, or even tradition. Both the very subject matter and the method are to be determined in the encounter itself. 73 7. It Is Not Merely an Ecclesiastical Endeavor While church officials may participate in interreligious dialogue they often see their role as one of preserving their own tradition.

They are untenable because many persons are saved via a genuine revelation other than the Christian revelation, and not anonymously by the merits of Christ. Genuine Religious Pluralism 35 pluralism, then, is more than the fact of a variety of religions inhabiting the world of religious consciousness and expression; it is the soteriological equality, in so far as humans can judge, of these conceptions. 101 Hick does indicate that it is only the major traditions that share this privilege. These can be identified as Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Islam primarily, although he also mentions Jainism, Sikhism and Taoism.

This would mean the introduction of higher textual Religious Pluralism 37 criticism of the Qur' an for the Muslim religion, the challenging of the caste system in India, the status of women in Islamic societies, the role of polygamy in the cultures that permit it, to name a few issues. Christianity may also be challenged by the other partners in the dialogue, particularly in regard to the consumerism, technological-military buildup, exploitation of natural resources, all issues in first world Christian cultures.

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