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By Fletcher Pratt

Most sensible one-volume background brings the occasions, figures, and battles of huge clash vividly to existence. soaking up info of army campaigns, battlefield concepts, and personalities printed in an audacious kind that consists of readers breathlessly alongside from the day of Lincoln's inauguration to Lee's quit at Appomattox court docket House.

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3. O. of the 9th. Rhenish Infantry Regiment No. 160. O. of the 2nd. Bavarian Foot Artillery Regiment. O. of the Magdeburg Jager Battalion No. 2. O. of the Guard Schützen Battalion. Pre-war cap of an officer of the Magdeburg Cuirassier Regiment No. 7. O. of the 2nd. Bradenburg Dragoon Regiment No. 12. Pre-war cap of an officer of the Bodyguard Hussar Regiment No. 1. Pre-war cap of an officer of the Westphalian Cuirassier Regiment No. 4. War-time cap of an officer of the 1st. Guard Uhlan Regiment.

Smaller stations (Abflugitellen) were maintained at command posts of infantry and artillery, and quite often the pigeons were dyed the colour of their army for recognition purposes. The 6th. Army, for example, had red pigeons. Alsatian dogs were used quite extensively by signalling detachments. In some instances they were employed to assist the laying of telecommunications cables between outposts in heavily besieged areas. In other instances they were used as message carriers, some even being fitted with specially designed gas masks.

However, the increasing demand for helmets for both front line troops and rear divisions resulted in a wide variety of paint finishes, all close to field grey. This was the result of the paint being applied by different ordnance departments. The techniques devised for trench warfare introduced to the field of battle a new system of The 1916-model steel helmet was nicknamed the "coal scuttle" by Allied troops. The lug on the side of the helmet served as a ventilation hole and as means of attaching a sniper's visor.

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