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By William Smith

География Италии и первые жители, короли Рима, учреждение республики, захват Рима галлами, союзы, войны ..., вплоть до Ромула Августа 476 года нашей эры.-This is a brief background of Rome, from the earliest instances to the institution of the empire, through William Smith, with a continuation to A.D. 479. by way of Eugene Lawrence. From the contents: geography of Italy and early population, the kings of Rome, the institution of the republic, decemvirate, the catch of Rome through the Gauls, the ultimate union of the 2 orders, Punic wars, ... , to Romulus Augustulus A.D. 476.--

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Being attacked by the Samnites, this people implored the assistance of the Campanians, which was readily granted. Thereupon the Samnites turned their arms against the Campanians, and, after occupying Mount Tifata, which overlooks the city of Capua, they descended into the plain, and defeated the Campanians in a pitched battle at the very gates of Capua. The Campanians, being shut up within the city, now applied for assistance to Rome, and offered to place Capua in their hands. The Romans had only a few years previously concluded an alliance with the Samnites; but the bait of the richest city and the most fertile soil in Italy was irresistible, and they resolved to comply with the request.

His property was confiscated, and his house was leveled to the ground. The deed of Ahala is frequently mentioned by Cicero and other writers in terms of the highest admiration, but it was regarded by the Plebeians at the time as an act of murder. Ahala was brought to trial, and only escaped condemnation by a voluntary exile. In their foreign wars the Romans continued to be successful, and, aided by their allies the Latins and Hernicans, they made steady progress in driving back their old enemies the Volscians and Æquians.

FROM THE BATTLE OF THE LAKE REGILLUS TO THE DECEMVIRATE. C. 498-451. The history of Rome for the next 150 years consists internally of the struggles between the Patricians and Plebeians, and externally of the wars with the Etruscans, Volscians, Æquians, and other tribes in the immediate neighborhood of Rome. The internal history of Rome during this period is one of great interest. The Patricians and Plebeians formed two distinct orders in the state. After the banishment of the kings the Patricians retained exclusive possession of political power.

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