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Abilene History in Plain Sight

Abilene heritage in simple Sight is a advisor to the folk, locations, and occasions that outline Abilene. It presents the excessive vantage element from that you come to grasp the lives at the back of the names—Cooper highschool, Shotwell Stadium, and Maxwell golfing Course—and to fulfill people who find themselves venerated via the naming of a park or highway (such as Egbert Kirby, Nelson Wilson, Vera Minter, and Walker Ely).

Des juifs dans la collaboration. L’UGIF, 1941-1944

Des juifs dans los angeles collaboration est paru en 1980. L’auteur, le journaliste devenu historien Maurice Rajsfus, est né en 1928, de mom and dad juifs polonais, morts en déportation à Auschwitz et Maurice Rajsfus fut lui-même raflé au Vel d’Hiv alors qu’il n’était qu’adolescent (il en réchappa par miracle). L’ouvrage est préfacé par Pierre Vidal-Naquet, historien connu notamment pour ses travaux sur le génocide juif et le négationnisme, qui apporte au livre son essential crédit.

The "Constitution of Medina": Muḥammad’s First Legal Document

This rfile, recognized in Orientalist jargon because the “Constitution of Medina,” is approved, even by way of iconoclasts of the sphere, as an unique rfile going again to the Prophet Muhammad. but, for a few cause, it has no longer got its justifiable share of scholarly recognition. This publication is an try and therapy this case, and contains the 2 identified models of the “Constitution,” based on many resources.

Les représentations architecturales dans l’iconographie néo-assyrienne

During this ebook Nicolas Gillmann presents students in addition to non-specialists with a accomplished examine of architectural representations in Neo Assyrian iconography. the writer solutions 3 vital questions: How are Mesopotamian photos conceived? What ideas are presiding over them and the way are they to be interpreted by means of sleek audience?

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This method combines the pain of physical punishment with the permanent public humiliation of being identified as a criminal. Thieves and runaway slaves were marked by the Romans, and English Medieval courts used a number of different marks: V for vagrants, S for runaway slaves, B for blasphemers and F for affray (fraymakers). Branding was outlawed in Britain in 1829 and has mostly died out across the world. © Thinkstock 1st century BCE 43 SWIMSUIT LENGTH POLICED FOR MODESTY A police officer measures the length of the female bathing fashion in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Ziegland was not fatally wounded; the bullet skimmed past and became lodged in the tree behind him. As time passed, Ziegland became known as the luckiest man in the land, having escaped his would-be killer. 20 years passed and Ziegland’s mind turned to the tree that took his bullet. He decided that it was time to get rid of it. The tree was thick, and Ziegland found that he couldn’t saw through it on his own. Instead, he surrounded the tree with explosives and blew it up. Having been concealed for two decades, the bullet soared out of the tree.

The dynamic duo of Leonardo da Vinci and Niccolo Machiavelli walked away with nothing but red cheeks and a pile of dirt after their audacious attempt to steal the River Arno flopped. While in the employ of the nefarious Cesare Borgia, Machiavelli convinced da Vinci to aid him in Cesare’s plan to divert the river away from the city of Pisa, Florence’s closest military rival. Success would have meant Florence would have been bolstered by incoming sea trade. Despite da Vinci’s brilliant plan to reroute the river with dams and artificial inlets, the operation proved too costly and da Vinci tasted failure.

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