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The mind cannot all at once rise beyond itself. The ego will seldom cut its own throat. Your consciousness will find it a hard task to realize the Cosmic Consciousness. Therefore the Name and the Form of a Deity are chosen to meditate upon. In due time, this Deity will manifest Itself before you and do the work of annihilating the ego and the mind, enabling you to realize Cosmic Consciousness. 113. What is the need to attain Moksha, Swamiji? To understand this you should resort to Satsang and study of scriptures.

When the mind is firmly withdrawn after a short spell of deep concentration upon a particular part, automatically, together with the ingoing mind, the Prana too gets withdrawn. Prana follows the mind. 43 MAY I ANSWER THAT? Thus, stage by stage, the Prana is withdrawn from the big toes upwards right up until it reaches the region of the crown of the head by which time the meditator is as it were, oblivious of the body. In this state, the meditation proceeds undisturbed and becomes very effective.

You will have to spend all your energy in waging a guerilla war against old Samskaras and temptations. You will have no energy for spiritual practices. Though you may think that you possess a high degree of Vairagya and that your wife also is pious, yet you should be far away from her. You should not even think of her. That is real Sannyasa. What is the meaning of taking Sannyasa and living with your wife and children? How can you destroy Moha, worldly Samskaras and Vasanas? 96. Sometimes, due to cold or some such reason, one of my nostrils gets clogged and the breath does not flow clear and there comes some difficulty in doing Pranayam.

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