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THEREFORE IT IS IMPERATIVE IN ALL MAGIC WORKS, AND IN ALL KINDS OF OTHER WORKS, THAT YOU MUST RECOGNIZE THE EXISTENCE OF THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FORCE THAT YOU ARE INVOKING. REMEMBER WHEN YOU CONTACT A FORCE YOU CONTACT BOTH SIDES OF IT AT ONCE, AND AT THE SAME TIME, AND BOTH SIDES HAVE EQUAL POWER. It is the lack of knowledge about this “secret” fact that causes so much trouble in the magical workings of would-be magicians. Either your magical operation works like mad (I mean literally) or does not work at all.

For example I am told that the designs of a rug are all duplicated on the Astral Plane and it seems logical that they would if the idea of Counterparts is true. In Oriental countries, where these things are automatically known or sensed, when a rug is designed and woven, breaks are left in the pattern of the rug for any elementals, who happened to get into the Astral pattern, to escape from the design of the rug!! (that is all I know about it. Why the elementals cannot get out of the design sideways is beyond my ken.

Also you must have heard of Eastern Mantrams. ) and In-voking, (In-in, voke-voice speaking). All these things pertain to word-sounds. It appears that “states” have to be gotten by words, and “things” have to be gotten by mental pictures. It probably could be said that the East is interested in “States” while the West is interested in “Things” Therefore I presume the choice is up to you. If you want “Things” then follow the instructions as given in this book and if you want “States” then follow the Eastern type of instructions, or work out your own system of the knowledge you have been given here.

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