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This English translation of those Buddhist texts allow the reader to get a thought of Mahayana moral thought and ethical perform.

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3 ) Among the m , the ethics of the vow refers to undert aking the pratimok � a vow as one of the seven classes: monk, nun, nun-probationer, male and fem ale novice, layman and laywom an. Furthermore, i t m ay be sui tably understood as the householder s ide plus the monastic side. Chap ter on Ethics 49 ( I 2b . hics of collecting wholesom e factors: The bodhisattva, subsequent to undertaking the ethics of the vow, for the sake o f the great awakening accumulates, with his body and his speech, anything that is wholesome, all of which is called, briefly, the ethics o f collec­ ting wholesom e factors.

7 1 Attes ting to its h i g h importance during t h i s period, which the l a m a historians term t h e Early Spread o f Buddhism i n Tibet, a fragment o f the T V ( i n its c anonical translation) is found i n t h e Lo-pa r: -bka ' - thang . that section of the five Bka '-thang purporting to chronicle the 1 0 8 p an­ dits and 1 08 translators o f the period. 72 Another fragment of the T V, embedded in a commentary, has been unearthed in a c ave at Tun Huang. An English translation is provided as Appendix A below.

6 5. 6 - 2 0 9 . 1. 6 6 . Ibid. 209. 2 - 2 1 0. 2 . 6 7 . 7, 9 5b-96a, 1 05a. 68. Ibid. 1 1 4a-b, Ngag-dbang-rnam -rgyal 1 68. 5-6. On further deeds ] n anendra see Richardson JRAS 1 9 5 2 : 1 3 5 , Tucci 1 9 5 8 : 4 1 -43. of 69. Kamalasila, Bhavanakrama ; see Beyer 1 974: 1 02-3, Tucci 1 9 5 8 : 1 5 7 -58. 70. On ·· the issues as seen in Tibet see ibid. Tatz 1 9 78a: 1 5-20. 99; Lamotte 1 94 9 : 8 6 1 , 7 1 . Demieville 1 9 5 2 : 1 62 , 1 64, 200. 72. Fragment described at T a t z 1 98 2 a : 3.

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