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By Klara Berei, Siegfried H. Eberle, H. W. Kirby, Helmut Münzel, Kurt Rössler, Arnulf Seidel, László Vasáros (auth.), Hans Karl Kugler, Cornelius Keller (eds.)

Astatine is - along with radon and francium - the single typical radioelement which purely has short-Lived isotopes, thereby with the exception of experiments with . . weighable" quantities of the point. this suggests that each one to be had information on physics and chemistry of this aspect are 12 sixteen in keeping with experiments at the tracer scale with 10- to ten- g - and this can additionally no longer swap in destiny simply because no longer-Lived isotopes as but identified are to be anticipated. considering the fact that the single isotope of At taking place within the traditional decay sequence, 219At, effects from the zero. 005% a-branching of 223Fr which itself is produced by way of the single 1. 38% a-branching of 227 Ac - a member of the 235U sequence - there is not any likelihood to get well huge quantities of 219At from typical assets for medical study of At. All reviews, for this reason, are being performed with the isotopes 209At to 211At having half-lives within the few hours area and being received by way of irradiation of bismuth with a-particles through (a,xn) reactions or by way of proton irradiation of heavy components through spallation reactions. The generally used isotope is 7. 22 h 211At. the short separation of the acquired At isotopes is not any very tough technique and is both being performed by way of rainy adsorption-precipitation concepts or applying its excessive volatility through destilling in air.

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Each volume contains a table with the reference for the newest version of the compilation for an A chain. The information contained in the Nuclear Data Sheets is stored on magnetic tape and computer retrievals are possible. Such retrievals will be provided on request by a worldwide network of data centers, each serving a restricted area. In the Federal Republic of Germany, requests should be sent to the Fachinformationszentrum Energie, Physik und Mathematik, 7514 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen. Each volume of the Nuclear Data Sheets contains a list of references of new publications.

0 t,. t,. ) in the reaction 209BieHe, xn)212 - XAt [253] . 45 MeV (syst) [30] leveL : In of the ground state is 5 + [101] . Using the results of [98] for the 206Rn decay a tentative leveL scheme for 206At was constructed by [101] (see Fig. 3-13, pp . 40/1) . 9 h [99] . 3 100 further references [32 , 47, 51, 100, 103] adopted from [37]. 3[32] with s +P + decay, see Table 3/8, p. 44, further references [46, 50, 58,104] decay scheme: for a decay: it is in general assumed that the a decay populates predominantly the 68 keV 5+ state in 202Bi [101] .

Tentative level scheme for 206At [101) . It is not known if the transition lead directly to the ground state. Therefore, eventually a constant value X has to be added to the level energies, which are given in keY. Transition intensities are shown per 100 decays of 206Rn. , ~: -, X $ ~ • )C o " , 9 · , g ,. < 'f' , <, 9, . -- - --- --- ~ - - - - - - --. - --+-- - - _. - 1---0 ---------~~-----If_~-------- GmeLin Handbook Astatine (At) References on pp _87/94 --- - -.... -- -- - - - ---- 1-- --- -+---- ...

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