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By Julian Baggini

Is a lifestyles with no faith one with out values or goal? Julian Baggini emphatically says no. He units out to dispel the myths surrounding atheism and to teach the way it could be either a significant and ethical selection. He at once confronts the failure of formally atheist states within the 20th century, and offers an highbrow case for atheism that rests as a lot on reasoned and confident arguments for its fact as on unfavorable arguments opposed to faith.

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The point is still that such rare, unrepeatable pieces of weak evidence are outweighed by the mass of strong evidence for the mortality of the self. Remember that every day millions of reports are made by mediums. By pure luck alone a few are bound to be uncanny. It would be foolish to consider individual examples of such “communications” greater evidence than all we know about human mortality. Many people who have so-called near-death experiences claim an unusual type of vision during the event—an image of a long tunnel, at the end of which glows a bright light.

But none of the evidence for life after death even approaches this strength. It smacks of wishful thinking and self-delusion when people are prepared to place more importance on anecdotal weak evidence than they are on strong evidence for our mortality. This is why even the rare examples of genuinely puzzling evidence for life after death do not clinch it for the non-atheists. Let us say that in one instance (or maybe even a dozen), a medium has said something only the dead could know. The point is still that such rare, unrepeatable pieces of weak evidence are outweighed by the mass of strong evidence for the mortality of the self.

But physicalism does not necessarily entail eliminative materialism. All physicalism says is that the only kind of stuff is physical stuff. That does not mean, for example, that minds do not exist. All it means is that minds, whatever they are, are not lumps of stuff. ” That is false. In my head there are not two different kinds of stuff—mental (my mind) and physical (my brain)—which somehow work alongside one other. Rather, for the physicalist, there is only one lump of stuff in my head, which is my brain.

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