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Transparent, concise, and persuasive, Atheist Universe info precisely why God is mindless to provide an explanation for the universe and life's range, association, and sweetness. the writer completely rebuts each argument that says to ''prove'' God's lifestyles — arguments in response to good judgment, good judgment, philosophy, ethics, background and technological know-how.

Atheist Universe avoids the esoteric language utilized by philosophers and provides its medical proof in easy lay phrases, making it a richly enjoyable and easy-to-read advent to atheism. A complete primer, it addresses all of the historic and clinical questions, together with: Is there facts that God doesn't exist? What proof is there of Jesus' resurrection? Can production technological know-how reconcile scripture with the most recent clinical discoveries?

Atheist Universe additionally solutions moral concerns comparable to: what's the which means of existence with no God? it is a spellbinding inquiry that eventually arrives at a arguable and well-documented end.

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Second, I wanted to be extremely careful that our protest did not violate any technicality of the law, such as trespassing or blocking entrance to a public facility, for which the police might break up our demonstration. 51 ATHEIST UNIVERSE Because of these two fears, I did an incredibly stupid thing: 1 drove to the local police station to ask law-enforcement authorities for information and for police protection against potential threats from religious zealots during our protest march. " When I responded "Against him," the official said that he himself planned to attend the Miracle Rally and would not hesitate to spit directly in my face as he walked past our demonstration.

There is no law in any state that prohibits voluntary prayer in America's public schools. Let's remember that Jesus warned the 40 Interview with an Atheist Pharisees not to pray publicly, because such prayers were usually pretentious, insincere efforts to showboat. " Did you ever meet her? MILLS: Yes, three times. We also exchanged letters occasionally, and I spoke with her by phone perhaps half a dozen times over the years. We're also pictured together on the dust jacket of my first book, Holy Hypnosis.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that Christianity's longest period of sustained growth and influence occurred during what historians refer to as the Dark Ages. "I regard monotheism as the greatest disaster ever to befall the human race. " I'm genuinely afraid that, unless we start teaching some real science in our miserable public schools, we may find that 21st-century America suffers an —GORE VIDAL, writer, in intellectual climate resembling At Home (1988) that of the Dark Ages. We tend to believe that, once knowledge has been acquired and technology developed by man, these gains are "locked in" and the future will only build upon these past achievements.

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