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By R. G. Grant

A visible trip via 3,000 years of naval warfare-now in paperback! From the conflict of galleys in historic Greece to lethal encounters among nuclear-powered submarines within the twentieth century, discover each point of the tale of naval battle on, lower than, and above the ocean.

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THE AGE OF GALLEYS IN THE THIRD CENTURY BCE Roman port This detail from a Roman fresco of the 1st century CE shows the port at Castellammare di Stabia in the Gulf of Naples. During the first two centuries of the Empire ports like this ringed the entire Mediterranean, which the Romans justifiably called Mare Nostrum (Our Sea). Sailing from Alexandria A trireme carrying a large force of legionaries is rowed out of the port of Alexandria, one of the main centers of Roman naval power in the east. Many Egyptians served as oarsmen and sailors in the imperial Roman navy.

Many Spartan ships were sunk; the remainder succeeded in reaching a beach. A fierce land battle ensued, which the Athenians won. THE AGE OF GALLEYS Ephesus Samos CARIA Epidaurus Miletus se In 433 BCE Corinth assembled a fleet to subdue its restive colony Corcyra (Corfu). Following a similar conflict two years earlier the Corcyraeans had agreed a treaty with Pericles, the Athenian leader, and now appealed to Athens for help. At first the Athenians sent only 10 triremes to give moral support. 70 ships; Corinthians c.

Vastly outnumbered, the remaining Greek triremes engaged the enemy, inflicting substantial losses, but were eventually overwhelmed and annihilated. This defeat condemned the Ionian revolt to failure. 500 BCE Greek opponents of Persia Route of Xerxes’ army 480 BCE Route of Xerxes’ fleet 480 BCE Greek victory Persian victory Inconclusive battle T H R ACE Pella 480 BCE The Persian Empire, founded by Cyrus the Great in the 6th century BCE, expanded westward into the Middle East, Egypt, and Asia Minor, rapidly becoming the dominant power in the eastern Mediterranean.

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