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Finished guidebook for these present process kundalini awakening, together with mental abilities, workouts, dietary software and a singular method of the technology of non secular alchemy. an incredible innovation in knowing the transformational method and the spiritualization of the physique.

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The gravity warping sensation could be a fluxing in the nerve sheath between sympathetic and parasympathetic dominance. Since they are both in a highly activated state this shifting might be more noticeable than usual and give the sensation of gravity crushing (sympathetic) or gravity expanding (parasympathetic). As Nitric Oxide increased vasodilation this would give an expanding gravity effect, while a turn toward vasoconstriction would give one the sense of gravity crushing, or implosion.

Do the grounding techniques in the Kundalini Skills List and the inner-contact practices in the Inner Arts. You may need to find a Tai Chi or martial arts teacher to help you focus on energy circulation and breathing into your experience. 35 CHANGES IN SELF-ORIENTATION DISSOLUTION: Mental confusion. Difficulty concentrating. Old anchors and safety nets no longer hold. Freefall in surreal limbo. Disorientation in sense of self. Sense of fading, of not really being here. Loss of coordination and motor control during the shock and inner-conjunctions.

SUBSTANTIATION: Eventual loss of cyclic reactive mental patterns that dissolve along with the body armor. That is the mind becomes more silent. The body holds less tension and is calm and relaxed. Loss of compulsive and self destructive habits. After the blocks are cleared and the structures changed to convey more prana flow there is a permanent equanimity of the transcendental state. Less ambivalence, distance from decisions, more centered. More single-mindedness of purpose. Clearer, deeper perception of reality.

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