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You can't clarify what sweetness is to the fellow who hasn't ever tasted candies. you could convey your entire articulateness, yet you can't clarify an easy factor, sweetness. the single approach is to supply him a few chocolates. Thats what the masters were doing all alongside. instead of telling you what sweetness is, they provide it to you to style. They themselves are delivering, their very own presence so that you can style it. Osho
Bodhidharma is called because the twenty sixth Patriarch within the line emanating from Gautam Buddha. even if, as Osho says, he exhibits even larger flights than Buddhawho wouldn't settle for any girl disciplesas his grasp was once the enlightened girl, Pragyatara.
Buddhism had entered china 600 years previous, and now Pragyatara urged Bodhidharma to head there and to go on Buddhas crucial message of enlightenment. the sooner messengers of Buddhas teachings had had an outstanding influence at the humans of China, yet none were enlightened. It was once now time for the style of awareness, of Awakening, to be handed on.
Osha dissects those 3 volumes of notes from Bodhiddharmas disciples intimately, mentioning the place, and the way, the disciples minds have are available to distort the message of this Buddhaan woke up one.
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Osho is a revolution, inspiring thousands of individuals world wide along with his method of the technology of internal transformation. but in his personal phrases, he says, i'm no one. I dont belong to any state, I dont belong to political celebration. i'm easily somebody, the way in which life created me.
His books and audiobooks are overseas bestsellers and canopy a unprecedented variety of subject matters from the knowledge of the phrases mystics to intensely own questions about the interior search.
About the Book
Bodhidharmas assertion is, buddhas dont keep buddhas. he's announcing you're all buddhas even if you recognize it or no longer, an

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Gautam Buddha's sutras were written after his death. And there was so much quarreling amongst the disciples that immediately after his death there were thirty-two schools in conflict with each other. " Thirty-two interpretations, contradicting each other, and poor Gautam Buddha was no longer alive and certainly he was not saying things which had thirty-two different interpretations. He was not a madman. His meaning was very clear, but that clarity is possible only to those who have gone beyond mind, because mind is confusion, and nomind is clarity.

But who should translate it except Rabindranath himself? Who could be a better translator? So he translated it, but he was still hesitant. F. Andrews -- a great scholar and very influential, a world famous figure -- to go through the translations because he could also understand Bengali. He was living in Bengal as a missionary; he was working amongst Bengalis and had learned their language. So he was the right person to go through the translation and to look at the original. He approved the whole book except at four points, just four words scattered through the book.

The man was ready to pay the price, whatsoever the fisherman was asking, but the condition was that he had to throw the fish and the man would catch them. The fisherman said, "There is no problem. " The man said, "You don't understand but I don't like to lie. When I go home, my wife will ask how many fish I have got. I will show the three fish I have caught with my own hands. " Such a man can deceive his wife, but can he deceive himself? And is this really true or just a falseness covered with the name of truth?

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