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S]imilar instances of talk must be identified and grouped together. The first [analytical tool] is the search for systematic patterns in the data. The second is the search for functional effects and consequences. 13 Our dependent variable is thus found in the variations in discourse that formulate different identities that emerge given differing contexts. Systemic patterns in the text were identified, and dialogue was grouped according to the following thematic variations: (1) subjects’ lack of status, (2) their profoundly transient nature, (3) their perception of oppositional forces in their lives, and (4) the importance of group membership in combatting the problems associated with low-status, transient lifestyles, and oppositional forces.

Increased alienation experienced as a result of eroded ties to community of origin, decreased barriers to geographic mobility, and the decomposing occupational opportunities overwhelmingly affecting young people have together contributed to the emergence of this unique method of affiliation to fluid embodied networks. Foci of Activity These networks may indeed be instrumental in providing new migratory members with a variety of material and nonmaterial resources in their new, albeit temporary host community.

Such disclosure was especially prevalent in talk among male-only groups in noninstitutional settings. Thus oppositional forces such as sexual and other forms of violence in historical and contemporary biographies constituted much of the gutterpunk discourse on the theme of oppositional forces in their lives, and this occurred in both institutional and noninstitutional settings. The second most prevalent discourse revealed gutterpunks’ preoccupation with the importance of group membership. The camaraderie that is offered by group membership was the theme of nearly 20 percent of all dialogue.

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